Traditional history too often omits the majority of anonymous men and women whose backs built our economy and society. The daily struggles, abuses and injustices born by individuals in pursuit of a better life for their families is our social history. They leave beyond incredible tales of survival and expressions of love that can inspire even the darkest of times. 


With the impending end of physical, private, objects - written letters, documents, paper photographs, crafts and other expressions made by hand, connecting to what we can becomes vitally important. 


The intimacy of these artifacts, so often lost with death, are honest record and an invaluable glimpse of humanity and raw emotion. Considering how individuals evolved generationally, societal pressures and demands changing with advancing technologies and industries can help to illuminate our own path by identifying trends and patterns. 


Allowing one trembling voice to communicate relates to us personally what so many have fought to overcome. It elevates who and what we respect to a place of power and gives us the essential tools of a more honest and inclusive history to better sculpt our future.