I was raised in this work. I believe that long forgotten personal possessions and intimate expressions are essential to our present day understanding of history, and invaluable to waking humanity. I am rare in that I drive the miles and dig through the collapsing barns discovering each piece of primary source material before I put on my research and context hats.


I have published photo collections, written exhibition and auction catalogs, created preservation guidelines for non profits and built archives. I took my first steps in family shops and have operated several galleries of my own. I have regularly exhibited at Renningers, Kutztown, the DC Big Flea, Burton Ohio Antiques Show, the DC Antique Photo Show and Hertan’s Brimfield. I happily became a new participant at the prestigious PGH Photo Show this year.


My presence on the eBay auction site (rarebooksandpaper) and Etsy (curleysden) will continue as they have nearly twenty years. The website is my very favorite display booth, the best saved for here exclusively. 


I am an antique dealer in the oldest sense of the word, archivist and historian. I do good work, compulsively, motivated by things other than money. If that all makes sense to you, wipe your feet and come on in.